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One Week In Portugal: The Perfect Itinerary

Originally published in Trip Savvy

Portugal is a delightful country, featuring exquisite beauty and fun surprises at every turn. Despite its relatively compact size (especially compared to its next-door neighbor, Spain), Portugal is home to an abundance of intriguing ancient sites, historical landmarks, heavenly beaches, picturesque mountains, stunning wine country, and more. It’s tempting to remain in one region, as there is plenty to see and do in each destination, but the country is exceptionally tourist-friendly to those who wish to explore several areas.

Overall, when visiting, it’s most convenient to rent a car. The good news for drivers is that the highways in Portugal are well-paved and easy to navigate. Best of all, traffic jams are rare, unless you find yourself in the center of a busy area at rush hour.

If you have a week in Portugal, this itinerary will guide you from Southern points around Lisbon up to Porto in the North. Tip: Most of these destinations are day trips from the major cities, so you can avoid switching hotels daily.



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