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Reading Terminal Market: The Complete Guide

Originally published in Trip Savvy

A true culinary gem situated in the heart of Philadelphia, the iconic Reading Terminal Market celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2018 and still attracts throngs of locals and visitors daily with its abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, homemade baked goods, organic seafood and meats, regional prepared foods and many other gourmet offerings. With an inviting, casual ambiance filled with a mixture of tantalizing aromas and diverse food offerings, this bustling and vibrant market is overflowing with appetizing delights at every turn.


Opened in the early 1890s, this legendary market quickly became a beloved destination among city residents. Located in a historical landmark building, it’s known as one of the country’s largest and oldest public markets. The market was first opened in its current location (at 11th and Market Streets) over century ago when the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company consolidated its four separate Philadelphia terminals into one large location in the city’s downtown. Over the years, this urban market expanded and improved in many ways, including the quality and quantity of the variety of food offerings sold here. 

Throughout its storied history, it also overcame bankruptcy and adopted modern advancements, such as refrigeration and food safety procedures. Today, the Philadelphia Convention City is situated adjacent to this lively market, drawing massive numbers of new customers daily who attend conferences, events and meetings nearby.



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