Best Skateboarding books written by women (and for women) updated 2024

Adult skateboarders unite! Check out these skateboarding books today!

Skateboarders everywhere appreciate inspiration and community. As female skaters, we especially enjoy celebrating our goals and cheering each other on at the skatepark and beyond! Skateboarders also love learning as much as possible about the history, art, and culture of skateboarding.

I’ve been doing a bit of research recently and have compiled this collection of skateboarding books written by female authors that shine a spotlight on the world of skateboarding and female skaters of all ages.

Women skateboarders are now a big part of the skateboarding scene! So when you need some inspiration, check out the list below so that we can continue to embrace skateboarding, enjoy other skaters’ accomplishments, and share these awesome books among our inclusive community. (And be sure to check out these writers’ other books, too).

Three skateboards made by the Lipstick skate company lined up against a chain link fence. The boards have lipstick imprints on them.
Lipstick skateboard company’s boards

This is a list of top skateboarding books written by women that offer skating inspiration in 2023 and beyond:

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Four Wheels and a Board: The Smithsonian History of Skateboarding

Editors: Betsy Gordon and Jane Rodgers (Tony Hawk is a contributor)

Four Wheels and a Board was published in 2022 and features an overview of the history, culture, and community of skateboarding. This comprehensive and entertaining book is filled with incredible artwork and photos from the Smithsonian’s collection of skateboards and skateboarding-related items from their archives.

The pages contain intriguing anecdotes from Tony Hawk and other pro skateboarding contributors, about the fascinating history of skateboarding. They also cover some lesser-known skate crews that deserve recognition. Four Wheels and a Board also includes never-before-seen items from the 2020 Summer Olympics, when skateboarding made its debut).

Click to see Four Wheels and a Board: The Smithsonian History of Skateboarding

Shredders: Girls who Skate

By Sierra Prescott

Shredders: Girls Who Skate celebrates female skaters of all ages. This book features a multitude of unique skaters from award winning professionals as well as newcomers. There’s exceptional photography, great artwork, and insightful comments from skateboarders of all levels and styles in this brilliant and fun collection.

All types of skating are highlighted, including street, vert, and freestyle skaters. It’s a great book for empowering female skaters of any age, background, or skill level.

Click to see Shredders: Girls who Skate

Skate Like a Girl

By Carolina Amell

The book, Skate Like a Girl, showcases the women’s rapidly growing skateboarding community and illustrates that women are meeting up at skateparks more than ever — and competing in competitions around the world.

Featuring a vast selection of skaters of diverse ethnicities, ages, and walks of life, this book highlights skaters who possess a wide range of styles, including longboarders, downhill skaters, and gold-metal winners. This book delves a little deeper so you’ll read about skaters who are moms, photographers, engineers and who have many different types of careers. Plus, there’s plenty of wisdom from skaters about perseverance, determination – and most importantly, getting back up after you fall.

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Skater Girl: A Girl’s Guide to Skateboarding

By Patty Segovia and Rebecca Heller

Skater Girl: A Girl’s Guide to Skateboarding is a fun book that’s a great guide for girls who want to skate or have just started skating. It’s written for younger skaters, but if you’re an adult beginner, you’ll enjoy this book, too, as there’s tons of valuable advice, info about skatepark etiquette, and life lessons here, too.

This book is a fantastic intro to skateboarding and a smart idea to peruse if you want to brush up on the basics. There are several chapters broken down into sections on topics such as how to choose your skateboard, the different types of boards, how much a board should cost, etc.

You’ll also learn about the parts of the skateboard, a glossary of skateboarding terms, tips, strategies for safety and wellness, advice, and more!

Click to see: Skater Girl: A Girl’s Guide to Skateboarding

And just for fun….

Skateboarding Monsters: Coloring book for adults

By Diana Good

Put this coloring book in your “just for fun” category. It’s a cute coloring book for adults featuring monsters on skateboards. It’s pure entertainment for adult skaters. Inside these pages, you’ll find thirty cool illustrations that you can color for relaxation and to give your creativity a boost (when you’re not skating).  

So if you can’t skateboard that day, this is the next best thing!

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