Skateboarders: How to make friends at the skatepark (updated 2024) 

Learn how to make friends at the skatepark as an adult! This article shows you how!

The Best tips for adult skateboarders: Adult beginners, women skaters — and everyone who skates alone and wants to make new #skatefriends 

By Marla Cimini

If you’re an adult skateboarder, especially a new skater, the skatepark can be an intimidating place. 

As the admin of a women’s all-inclusive Facebook skateboarding group, Women’s Skateboard Community, I’ve learned that many adult skateboarders sometimes experience anxiety and trepidation about entering a skatepark. So, I created some tips for making friends at a skatepark below. (Updated for 2022!!) The most challenging part is actually taking the first step and going to a local skatepark…and after you do it a few times, it gets much easier! 

Skaters know that skateboarding is more than a sport — it’s a culture and a lifestyle. And making friends at the skatepark can lead to real friendships, too. These pals can introduce you to other skaters, help you master tricks — and cheer you on when you try something new. 

Two female skateboarders at the Venice Beach skatepark in California.
Author Marla Cimini (right) and Kyoko Sugimoto Hicks at the Venice Beach skatepark in May 2022.

So the next time you decide to go to a skatepark, please don’t sit just in your car and watch the skaters – get out there and enjoy yourself! You’ll be glad you did! (And here’s my suggestions for the best safety gear for women and adults)!

Tips for adults who want to make friends at the skatepark

Top tip: Go skateboarding in the morning! Many adults (and adult beginners especially) prefer to go to skateparks in the a.m., especially during the week. It’s usually less crowded and there are no children around because they are all in school. Check your local parks and see what time they open, as some parks are locked in the evening. 

  • Watch the other skaters for a “short” while before entering the park and starting to skate, especially if you are a beginner. Be aware of the environment and the vibe at the park. If it’s super-crowded or it appears to be an aggressive skate environment, it might be best to choose another time.  
  • Say hello and introduce yourself to other adult skaters, as the opportunity arises. Challenge yourself to start a friendly conversation. You’ll find out right away if the other skater(s) wants to engage. 
  • Challenge yourself to go to the skatepark three times in one week! Be consistent and patient! You may not meet a new friend on your first few skatepark visits, but if you go to a skatepark a few times and focus on your own progression, you never know who you might meet. 

Embrace your community!

TIP: Check out the best safety gear for women!

  • Stop by your local skate shop and use them as a resource. Ask them about adult lessons and inquire if there are any women’s / adult skate groups in the area. Even if they don’t offer lessons, they should know what’s going on in the skateboarding community. 
  • Volunteer at skate meet-ups for kids or events. Check your local community calendar and see if you can volunteer at a future meet-up. You’ll meet a lot of skaters of all ages, and many skateboarding parents, too. 
  • After you get to know a few adult skaters and / or plan a meet-up, bring packaged snacks (such as energy bars) to the skate park to share with your new friends. (A little kindness goes a long way!)

More helpful skateboarding tips for making friends as an adult!

Female skater at a San Diego, CA skatepark
Female skateboarder at a skatepark
  • Watch skateboarding YouTube videos – there may be local skaters in your neighborhood who have channels and share clips. If you join a national FB group, try to search for and connect with local skaters in your own area.

Show up at the skatepark!

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  • If you join a local group, find out when they hold meet-ups and events. Search hashtags (such as #womenskateboarders and #womehwhoskate) to locate other skaters. And of course, ask your own friends. You never know who might be interested in learning how to skateboard!  
  • Plan your own meet-up! After you make a few friends at the skatepark, plan a weekly meet up that’s convenient for everyone. Invite others to join, too! 

Finally…..Have fun skateboarding!

One last thought….

  • For some extra peace of mind: If you make new friends at the skatepark and meet up regularly, once you get to know them consider adding their mobile numbers (and their emergency contact’s) number to your phone. Chances are you won’t ever need it, but it’s good to be safe!

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