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Your Trip To Portugal: The Complete Guide

Originally published in Trip Savvy

A top destination in Europe, Portugal is a beautiful country that offers something for everyone, with bustling cities, charming medieval towns and pristine coastal areas. Home to a vibrant food and wine scene for avid gastronomes, there’s also plenty of noteworthy ancient sites and world-class museums for history buffs. Beach lovers visiting Portugal adore the dramatic coastline with its magnificent beaches—a popular area with a number of shore breaks that are considered top surfing destinations as well.


Portugal is a welcoming destination that offers the best of both worlds, so if you want to experience a peaceful and pristine trip, you can head to a less populated rural or coastal area. However, if you desire a much more spirited vacation, try to visit the country when there’s an annual festival happening. Visit Lisbon in early June for the Feast of Saint Anthony, and Porto around June 24 for the Feast of Saint John the Baptist. For both events, the cities are in full-on celebration mode, with businesses closed, traditional food available everywhere, and outdoor parties throughout the neighborhoods—often with live, loud music that goes well into the early hours of the morning. 

Everyone is welcome, and you just can’t help but join in the festivities when visiting Portugal! 

If you are seeking a less touristy time to visit, choose the fall or winter, as the climate is relatively mild enough to visit year-round. Keep in mind that some of the interior regions, such as the Duoro Valley tend heat up drastically in the summer.



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