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Best Travel Road Trip Gift Guide: Checklist for Road Trips (updated 2023)

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Update: Covid restrictions have been lifted in most places.  But for future travel, it’s always a good idea to ask about the hotel or rental property’s safety and health policy!  

  • Check to see if your state is in a “hot zone” for the coronavirus — or if you are traveling to an area that has recently experienced a spike in COVID cases.  
  • Check if the state you are traveling to has a mandatory quarantine requirement. (For example, New Jersey requires visitors from over 20 other states to self-quarantine for two weeks upon arrival).  

Prior to booking your hotel, Airbnb or rental home, be sure to ask the hotel representative or Airbnb host the following health-related questions: 

  • What is the cleaning process used in the room / home? 
  • Which specific products are used for cleaning? 
  • What products will be available for you to personally use during your stay? (This will help you determine if you need to bring any extra). 
  • Does your room or condo have a private entrance? If not, inquire about the mask policy in the lobby or common areas that you may need to walk through in order to gain entrance to your rental space. 
  • If you are staying in a hotel room, check to see whether or not the room has a table for dining if you choose to order take-out. If not, ask if there is a common area with a table you can use and where it is located. 
  • How often are the common areas are cleaned? How are health and safety restrictions enforced in any shared areas, such as the pool, rooftop deck, etc?
  • If the property has a restaurant, ask about their health policy. 
  • Plan for your meals and do some advance research regarding several area restaurants. This limits seating, so advance restaurant reservations may be necessary.  

Healthy travel essentials to pack with you: 

  • Masks (and extra masks!)
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Disinfecting spray (such as Lysol) 
  • Disinfecting wipes 
  • Re-usable water bottle 
  • Gloves 
  • Extra hand soap

Additional travel products to bring with you for road trips:

  • Don’t forget your cell phones, electronic devices and chargers. 
  • Extra roll of paper towels 
  • Cooler with food and beverages. For example, if you are taking a 3-day road trip, you can pack fruit, granola bars, trail mix, and other non-perishable items. This allows you to avoid needing a restaurant or café for breakfast or snacks. High performance zipperless coolers from Titan Arctic Zone are ideal for a day at the beach or car camping. My favorites are the Arctic Zone Zipperless Hardbody Cooler and the Ultimate Tabletop Cooler.
  • Extra pool or beach towels if you are planning to get wet. Choose a quick dry towel by a brand such as Slowtide to make your life easier. 
  • If necessary, bring your own beach chairs and umbrella to avoid having to use rental items. 
  • It’s always best to bring small, travel-sized bottles of your own personal care products to limit your time in the local pharmacy or supermarket. 
  • Plastic suction-cup hooks for hanging towels or bathing suits (you never know when these will come in handy). These Quntis hooks feature a super-lock system.   

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