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Proof That You Can Learn To Surf At Any Age

Originally published in AARP

Sharing a love of the ocean inspires surfers worldwide to paddle out and catch waves every day. But not everyone first jumped on a board as a child or teen. For women who have learned to surf after age 40, the beach has become a place of community, solitude and triumph. Across the United States, women are finding that learning to surf as adults has enriched their lives on many levels, leading to travel, new friendships, and healthier lifestyles. And this means Gen X women will be surfing well into their 60s, 70s and beyond.

In Malibu, California, Ellen Johnson is a 59-year-old real estate agent who started surfing at 50, after her divorce and while her children were in college. At that point in her life, she was fortunate to have a flexible schedule, a lot of patience and plenty of time to practice in the water.



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