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Nightlife In Lisbon: Best Bars, Clubs And More

Originally published in Trip Savvy

The city of Lisbon offers a wide array of fun activities and great tourist attractions during the daylight hours. But when the sun goes down, the city really shines with a fabulously varied and robust nightlife scene. There’s much to choose from in the evening, as Lisbon is home to many cool bars, clubs, live music venues, and restaurants. So, if you’re into checking out the local culture, the Portuguese capital doesn’t disappoint. When visiting Lisbon, be sure to enjoy a few exciting nighttime activities in the city: 


Lisbon boasts a cool and entertaining bar scene throughout the city. These diverse watering holes range from traditional and historic to modern and hip. When you’re planning to sip a few drinks at a bar, keep in mind that most places are very casual, laid-back, and friendly. As a bonus, it’s also not unusual for the bars to serve customers a small plate of complimentary snacks (such as olives or chips) to accompany the beverages.



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